Pilates classes, 1:1 sessions, courses and education in London

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Pilates Classes and 1:1 Sessions online and in our London Studios

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Personalised Pilates programmes and support for arthritis, hip & knee replacements, and cancer



Pilates teacher training courses and advanced workshops



At Equilibrium we are passionate about movement and our goal is to enable everyone to feel good in their own bodies.

We believe that Pilates is key to foster a deep connection between body and mind. The awareness and focus unique to the Pilates practice lead to an intense and deeply satisfying workout, which will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and free from pain.

This belief, combined with years of education and a vast amount of experience, allows us to develop a bespoke space for people with cancer, arthritis and hip & knee replacement to benefit from physical activity in a safe and friendly environment. Every client is thoroughly assessed, making sure all lifestyle factors are taken into consideration. A thorough training plan is created for you at each stage of your wellbeing journey.

While we embrace the principles Joseph Pilates advocated, closely following his teaching and inspiration, we also keep up to date with the latest findings in the science of movement, in an approach that effectively marries tradition and research. This is particularly important for our cancer, arthritis and hip & knee replacement clients, who benefit greatly from this combined approach.

Physiotherapy and Pilates complement each other ideally to help you do what you enjoy. We work in collaboration with physiotherapists who hold specialist qualifications and have years of experience, to ensure you get the best advice and treatment. This allows us to work on your strength and mobility at early stages of your recovery and will enable you to progress quickly to optimal health.

You can have physiotherapy and Pilates all under the same roof in our studio close to Southwark station.


We have several locations in London: check our locations to find out more.

Dr Laura Porro

Working collaboratively with:

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Laura discovered Pilates as a way to improve her posture.
She practiced Pilates for several years and her passion for it eventually led her to decide to qualify as a teacher. Laura is interested in how Pilates supports people to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. Laura loves to deepen her understanding of how bodies work and she holds specialist qualifications in cancer exercise, bone health and osteoporosis, pre/postnatal and post-rehab protocols. 

“When I practice Pilates, I am fully absorbed. I feel inside my body and mind in a way that no other activity allows me to experience. I emerge from Pilates practice feeling a deeper sense of connection, which I hope my clients experience as well.”


Our movement educators have extensive experience and expertise, and are fully qualified, certified and insured.

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