What is a Cancer Exercise Specialist?

Since 2004, the Cancer Exercise Training Institute has been running specialist cancer courses for health and fitness professionals.

Their goal is to use exercise to help people along their cancer journey, to gain back their strength, range of motion, energy and self-esteem (among other things), following cancer surgery and treatment.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute is considered the gold-standard of education in oncology exercise.

Our specialists have attended the rigorous assessment process and keep their qualification up to date, every two years.

Why should you have a personalised cancer programme?

You know the challenges of living with cancer, no matter at what stage of the journey you are. 


Your circumstances are unique. Although others might have the same surgery or treatment, or take the same medication, your responses to them are your own.


We work closely with your care team to ensure our recommendations fit with theirs.


This is why training with a cancer specialist is best for you. We understand the specific issues associated with your cancer surgery and treatment - we design safe programmes that minimise the risk of side effects, e.g. lymphedema.

Why is exercise beneficial to you?

Cancer treatment can get in the way of enjoying the things you want to do, such as going out with friends, playing with your children or working.


Exercise reduces the side effects of cancer treatment. Exercising makes you feel less tired, it strengthens your immune system, it reduces pain, and it makes you sleep and feel better.


Evidence shows that exercise prevents future cancers and other conditions that make it easier for cancer to arise.

What does a personalised programme look like?

Pilates is a system of training for your body and mind, based on principles created by Joseph Pilates.​

First, you and your specialist will review your medical history, treatments, medications and do your postural assessment. This is not a physical challenge: just let us watch you make simple movements and take baseline measurements.


On this basis, we will create your personalised Pilates programme. You can choose to exercise in your own home or to come to our studio. Sessions typically last between 45 minutes to an hour and you can expect a mix of exercises, including sequences to target your specific needs.

During a Pilates session you will use a range of small props (such as bands, balls and weights) and equipment, including the Reformer and Bosu.

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