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How does Pilates help runners?

Pilates can help running amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Pilates makes you focus on the process rather than the result, working from the inside out, and listen to your body, so you run more efficiently and more safely.

Our specialist classes focus on what runners need to feel better:

- Overcome any discomfort in lower back, knees and ankles.

- Improve flexibility and stride length.

- Enhance grace and ease.

We also provide specialist rehab programmes for: Achilles' tendonitis; plantar fasciitis; patello-femoral syndrome; iliotibilial band syndrome; bursitis; and hamstring strains.

When should you exercise?

Active recovery days are key to enhance your running performance. They help your body heal any small damage and prevent overuse injuries.

This Pilates class is designed for your active recovery days.
There will by dynamic exercises, as well as sequences to improve your core control. You will:

- Learn a variety of warm up exercises for your running days.
- Focus on alignment and correct leg movement mechanics.
- Re-balance the body, targeting the muscles less involved in running.

We recommend doing Pilates for running twice a week.


Is online a good way to work on my running technique?

You might wonder whether an online class is right, since your running workouts take you out and about.

Pilates will help you develop a feeling of integrity and efficiency in your movements, which will make you enjoy running even more.

It is important to have variety in your workouts, not just to give your body a break, but also to reduce and relieve stress.

Lastly, remember that any athletic performance depends on mind-body integration and Pilates is ideal to refine the interactions between your body and your mind.

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