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Our group classes are dedicated to runners and people with arthritis.


You will improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, and establish optimal movement patterns, to help you do the things you enjoy.

Not sure if a class would be right for you?

Book a free 30 minute taster here:

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Private Sessions

In a private session, our specialists address your unique needs through a tailored training plan: whether you are recovering from an injury, want to improve your performance or simply feel better in your body.

After your initial consultation we will send you an email outlining the programme plan, to ensure it fully aligns with your goals, and explaining the process timeline.


Highly recommended for cancer care patients, people with arthritis and anyone with complex individual needs.

Book a private session below or get in touch for other availability.

"The class was great, the instructor was very knowledgeable and supportive. The vibe was relaxing. It helped me escape for an hour and did help my pain that evening. I will certainly be signing up for some sessions." - Claire
"Enjoyable, welcoming, confidence-boosting" - Stacey
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