Kick start the week
Mondays 8.15-8.45 AM

This is a mixed-ability mat class.

We play dynamically with the Pilates repertoire, in particular vertical exercises. After attending, you will feel energised and ready to take the week head on!

Have a towel ready.

Stretch and breathe
Thursdays 5.40-6.10 PM

This is a mixed-ability Pilates class.

This session is designed to relax you and release any tension you might feel in your body. After attending this class, you will feel longer and looser.

Most exercises will be on the floor, so it would be good to have a towel to lie down

Pilates for the weekend
Saturdays 9.30-10.00 AM

This is a mixed-ability Pilates class.


The week is finally over and you have just woken up ready to enjoy the weekend. This class will condition all muscles in the body, so you can make the most of your favourite hobbies and activities.

Have a towel ready.

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