At Equilibrium, we run regular Pilates teacher training courses and advanced workshops, for teachers who would like to deepen their knowledge and experience.

Training at Equilibrium means getting access to state of the art Pilates equipment and up to date scientific evidence, which underpins all our sessions.

If you train with us, you will also have access to our studios to practice and develop your client network.

Module 1

08/05/2021 9am-6pm

09/05/2021 9am-6pm

Module 2

05/06/2021 9am-6pm

06/06/2021 9am-6pm

Module 3

03/07/2021 9am-6pm

04/07/2021 9am-6pm

Module 4

07/08/2021 9am-6pm

08/08/2021 9am-6pm

Reformer intensive

Power and balance for hip and knee

06/03/2021 2pm-5pm

Simplifying the shoulder complex

07/03/2021 2pm-5pm

Postural analysis

24/04/2021 1pm-7pm

25/04/2021 1pm-7pm

Neurophysiology 101

29/05/2021 1pm-7pm

30/05/2021 1pm-7pm

Neurophysiology 201

11/07/2021 1pm-7pm

Specialist workshops

Vertical repertoire

10/04/2021 1pm-7pm

11/04/2021 1pm-7pm

Balance apparatus


Resistance apparatus


Advanced mat repertoire

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