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Calming, dynamic, satisfying


Enjoyable, welcoming, confidence- boosting


I tried a different Pilates class and was very overwhelmed but this one was great as the instructor had accounted for my needs, it was great!


The classes put me in a good head space to want to do more activities


The class was great, the instructor was very knowledgeable and supportive. The vibe was relaxing. It helped me escape for an hour and did help my pain that evening. I will certainly be signing up for some sessions.


Participants to our cancer classes report a 27% reduction in pain

100% of our cancer patients would recommend the class to another person living with cancer

Almost 90% of participants say the classes help relieve pain

Students say they feel pain 60% less often.


"I was really surprised the next day when I was reversing my car how much movement I had in my forever stiff neck!"


"The teacher is friendly, helpful and fun. I would highly recommend to anyone."


"The hour flies by and I feel stretched and rejuvenated at the end of the class."


"The teacher is very easy to understand and the physical benefits have been amazing."

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